About Me


I am Jekishan Parmar. I live in Vadodara, Gujarat and my hometown is Savarkundla, located in the Amreli District of Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

I am very much fond of studying and learning new things. Though, I have my Bachelor’s and Master of Technology Degrees in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, I am also interested in Astrophysics and various subjects related to the study of the Universe. I have thus also completed courses on The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe as well as the one on Exoplanets, provided by Australian National University on edX online platform and one on Super Earths and Life by Harvard University. Apart from this, my basic research interests include Internet of Things, ICT in Irrigation and Water Resources Management, Computer Networks, Wireless and Mobile Computing, Underwater Wireless Sensor Network, Ad hoc and Next Gen Networks, Software Engineering as well as Object-oriented Design and Modelling with UML.

I completed by Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad in 2012 and Master of Technology in Computer Engineering from Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad in 2014. I was also offered a job from a very good Pune based MNC during the campus placements during my B.E. but as I was very much interested in pursuing the career in teaching and academics as well as research, I went for an M.Tech. Apart from this, I also like to do freelance software development projects.

I love travelling, trekking and touring the most. I feel that India has a lot to offer when you think about travelling and seeing new places. One should first travel each and every part of India, and then go for any place outside India. The diversity and vividness that one can see by travelling through different places of India is equivalent to travelling different parts of the World. I personally love the Northern parts of India like Garhwal in Uttarakhand and Lahaul & Spiti in Himachal as well as  Sikkim in north eastern part of India. Though, I am yet to explore J&K, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Southernmost India.






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